nuc_est_conv(cell_mask, trap_image, alpha=0.95, object_radius_estimation=0.085, gaussian_filter_shape=None, gaussian_sigma=None)[source]
  • cell_mask (ndarray) – the segmentation mask of the cell (filled)

  • trap_image (ndarray) – the image for the trap in which the cell is (all

channels) :type alpha: Optional[float] :param alpha: optional distribution alpha to get confidence intervals :type object_radius_estimation: Optional[float] :param object_radius_estimation: optional estimated object volume (in pixels), used to estimate the object radius. :type gaussian_filter_shape: Union[int, Tuple[int], None] :param gaussian_filter_shape: optional tuple to pass to matlab_style_gauss2D, determines the kernel shape for convolutions. :type gaussian_sigma: Optional[float] :param gaussian_sigma: optional optional sigma to pass to matlab_style_gauss2D as sigma argument.