How to do the nuc Est Conv from MATLAB Based on the code in MattSegCode/Matt Seg GUI/@timelapseTraps/extractCellDataStacksParfor.m

Especially lines 342 to 399. This part only replicates the method to get the nuc_est_conv values


gauss3D([shape, sigma])

3D gaussian mask - based on MATLAB's fspecial but made 3D.

matlab_style_gauss2D([shape, sigma])

2D gaussian mask - should give the same result as MATLAB's fspecial('gaussian',[shape],[sigma])

nuc_conv_3d(cell_mask, trap_image[, ...])

nuc_est_conv(cell_mask, trap_image[, alpha, ...])

type cell_mask


small_peaks_conv(cell_mask, trap_image)